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my name's Amanda

☼i like coffee and sunsets☼

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Me, everyday.
"I don’t miss you because I’m lonely. I feel lonely because I miss you."

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Feelings 💋💋 on We Heart It.
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Not mine
"You dumb silly boy. Look what you’ve done, you’ve thrown away the only girl in your life that actually gave a damn about you. Silly you."

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"I forget how to love myself when I love you"

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"i hardly know your
name anymore, let alone
the taste of your lips."
"three years on (a haiku)" by typical treatment. (28 july 2014)

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"I’m so mad at myself for letting myself get attached to you again. I’m so naive and stupid for thinking that every time we get a chance, things will actually be different. When am I going to learn that you’re not worth the pain and tears anymore?"

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oh god
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"I still remember the feeling I felt when I first started talking to you."
(via opensovl)

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